Monday, March 28, 2011

Crocheted Baby Blanket

I have been busy the last couple of weeks crocheting this baby blanket for a friend who's shower was this past weekend. If there has been a dearth of cards on the blog lately it is because I've been tangled up in yarn! This is my most ambitious crochet project to date and despite some difficulties it was very fun to make. It is such a pleasure to be able to make something special like this for a special baby.

The pattern is one from the Lion Brand Yarn website that was both rated Easy and had good reviews. I wanted an easy pattern as I am what you might call a self taught crocheter. I read books, watch online videos, etc. but I've rarely had other crocheters around me to compare notes with and see if I am doing things right. So when it came to following the pattern for this blanket, it all seemed straight forward enough as I read through it. But as I progressed to the scalloped edging, well, let's just say I winged it a bit because things weren't quite working for me. I'm sure the pattern was fine, most likely operator error was involved!

To make a long story of stitching, unraveling, stitching and unraveling short, I swapped the 5 dc, which the pattern required for each shell, to a sc 3dc sc combo instead. This made them slightly smaller and less prone to ruffling. Yes, yes. I know mine looks like a ruffly pom pom trim now, but you should have seen it the other way before I tore it out!

All in all, I am very pleased with how it turned out, and I do like the ruffled look I unintentionally ended up with. Here it is all dolled up ready to be wrapped!


Debbie said...

It's beautiful! What a special gift for the new mom and baby!

Tricia said...

Nice job! Love the pattern!

Barb said...

I was looking for an edging for a blanket I just finished and found this post - love it.