Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Craft Show Recap

After months of planning and preparation, my two holiday craft shows have come and gone. A lot of work, a lot of fun, and a lot of learning went into them. There are definitely things I will do differently if I decide to participate in another one, but they were both valuable experiences and it was wonderful to meet and connect with other local crafters.  I thought I would share some photos from yesterdays show.

Here is my table! I had lots of cards (of course!), gift tags, chalkboard frames, handmade soap, and a few crocheted bracelets. Quite a variety, but you know me, I love to make things!

This is the banner I made with my shop name for my table. The pennants are cut from canvas and I hand lettered the words with fabric paint. The pennants are stitched together with a long length of black bias tape and I made little lace rosettes to go between the words.

I organized my cards in baskets by occasion.  I'm thinking I may need a different way to display them in the future, so that more cards are visible at a time. Any great ideas out there for displaying cards?

Gift tags!

In addition to the packaged sets of tags, I also sold some individually.

And I had handmade soap! I learned how to make cold process soap from my mom and sister and the three of us have been making it together for years. But I live across the country from them now and I have just started making batches of soap on my own. You may be seeing bars of soap make an appearance in my Etsy shop in the new year. Maybe. :)

Lastly, here are my business cards, looking very cute in a wire basket I picked up at the Country Living Fair this year. 

And that as they say is that! I have lots of Christmas projects that I need to photograph and share, so I'll be seeing you again soon!



Pink Chihuahua said...

I sell cards at craft shows and a local Saturday farmers market during May through October. For shows, I have a spinning card rack that I bought on e-bay for about $80. It's easy to put together and allows me to display cards individually. It has 48 slots and holds up to 5x7" cards.

I can't use the rack at market, though, because it's outside and the ground is uneven. The slightest wind blows it over. So I put my cards in a few baskets, and I have dividers between categories. I do pretty well with my cards at market, but no so well at craft shows. I don't think the display has anything to do with it, since I haven't used the card spinner at the last two or three shows I've done. Just depends on the customer base, I guess.

Pink Chihuahua said...

And I meant to tell you - I just LOVE your business cards!

The Apple Crate said...

Hi Pink Chihuahua! Thanks for sharing your experiences with displaying cards in various venues, I appreciate it! :)