Monday, July 22, 2013

Map Bunting

Our son's nursery decor has been a work in progress. I know some mamas have everything picture perfect months before their little one arrives. I sometimes wish I was one of those super moms, but alas I'm not. There are still two gaping blank walls in our little man's room that need attention. I've had the idea for this map bunting for ages and it is finally complete! It is destined for the longest wall in the nursery.

My husband and I have collected quite a supply of road maps since we have been married (moving across country will do that for you!) and I haven't been able to let them go even though we probably won't need most of them again. Being a paper crafter I always thought I could use the paper for something, wrapping presents at the very least. When our little man came along we ended up with a loosely themed transportation motif in the nursery. So a bunting made from old maps was perfect! It also has the added sentimental value that the maps represent places my husband and I have either lived in or traveled to together.

Each flag measure 4" wide x 6" long. These dimensions are primarily a result of the fact that most road maps are folded 4" wide. I cut along the fold line to minimize the creases in each flag. 

The flags are strung together with red and white baker's twine.

This was a very easy (and cheap!) project but I think it turned out very cute. I can also see this sort of banner working well for a going away party, or any other travel themed fete. I hope you enjoyed it!

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