Friday, July 26, 2013

Taggie Style Baby Blankies

My sewing machine has been working overtime this past week, and I've loved it! For a while now I have wanted to try making a taggie-style blanket for my little man. He chews on his burp clothes like none other so I thought I would give him a dedicated chew cloth. Ha! 

There are tons of tutorials online; the two I found most helpful were from Lil' Luna and Melissa Sews. I recommend checking out their websites if you would like to try making one yourself. It is actually very easy! For mine, I opted to use a soft brown minky fabric on one side and a cotton elephant print on the other.

The ribbons are white grosgrain and aqua satin. I purposely chose ribbons with different textures to increase the sensory experience. That might be too highfalutin for a 5 month old, but it made me feel like I was giving him an "educational" toy! :)

I also made these two to give to my cousin's new twin boys.

One is brown minky with chartreuse cotton. The ribbons are brown satin and more white grosgrain.

The other is white minky with chartreuse cotton. I wanted them to be different so each boy had his own, but also complementary.

I also made a set of soft blocks this week (I told you I had been a busy sewer!). Stay tuned to hear more about those in the coming days!

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